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Virtualisation provides businesses with a way to lower the costs of their IT infrastructure while increasing the performance and scale of business critical systems.

By reducing the total amount of hardware in your infrastructure you can reduce the costs of hosting, maintenance, support and implementation while maximising your ability and capacity to deliver services.

Benefits of virtualisation are:

  • Resource optimisation
  • Reduced server proliferation
  • Increased CPU utilisation
  • Fast server provisioning
  • Instant rollback with Snapshots
  • Fast server recovery
  • Enable migration to the Cloud
  • Dynamic Capacity Management

We have the skills to manage your virtualisation, whether it’s migrating your current services to a virtual environment or creating a brand new virtual infrastructure.  We have knowledge and experience of the following virtualisation technologies:

VMWare ESX and VSphere

VMware’s industry-leading platform supports all levels of virtualization, from desktop and server virtualization to a full-fledged Software-Defined Data Center.

Software Dynamics have over ten years experience installing, configuring, managing and supporting VMware products including:

  • ESX and ESXi versions 4.0 up to 6.0U1
  • vSphere Client
  • vCenter Server
  • Site Recovery Manager
  • vCenter Operations Manager
  • vCenter installations up to 20 clusters, 50 hosts and 700+ Virtual Servers
  • Platform Services Controller

Microsoft Hyper-V

As a competitor to VMware products, the Microsoft platform offers similar advantages when running enterprise class solutions in a virtualised environment.

We will focus our effort on providing the best support available. Hyper-V has many features which include:-

  • Consolidation of hardware resources
  • Ease of administration
  • Significant cost savings
  • Fault tolerance support through Hyper-V clustering
  • Ease of deployment and management
  • Leading edge performance
  • Proven track record
  • Comprehensive vendor support provided by Microsoft
  • Scalability

Hyper-V customers will take advantage of:-

Scalability, Performance & Density – We will show you how, with Hyper-V you can run the biggest, most powerful virtual machines to handle the demands of the biggest workloads. As hardware scale grows, customers wishing to take advantage of the largest physical systems to drive the highest levels of density and reduce overall costs can do so successfully with Hyper-V.

Security & Multitenancy – We looked not only at the different capabilities such as BitLocker, which enables a level of physical security for the virtualized hosts, but also some of the in-box, granular networking security capabilities, which, unlike VMware, are simply built into Hyper-V, which enables customers to securely and easily isolate and control access to their key workloads inside the virtualized environment, at significantly lower cost.

Flexible Infrastructure – We discussed how, in a modern datacentre, customers are looking to be agile, in order to respond to changing business demands quickly, and efficiently, and how through the new innovation in Live Migration, Hyper-V provides this in the box. Being able to move workloads flexibly around the infrastructure is of incredible importance, and in addition, customers want to be able to choose where best to deploy their workloads based on the needs of that workload specifically, and to do that, Network Virtualization plays a significant part. Also, for customers with heterogeneous infrastructures, with a mixture of both Linux and Windows-based workloads, Hyper-V provides the ideal platform through the continued engineering and development to improve Linux performance on Hyper-V.

High Availability & Resiliency – As customers’ confidence in virtualization grows, and they virtualize their more mission-critical workloads, the importance of keeping those workloads continuously available grows significantly. With Windows Server 2012 R2, having capabilities built into the platform that not only help keep those workloads highly available, but also, in the event of a disaster, quick to restore in another geographical location, is of immense importance when choosing a platform for today’s modern datacentre. We discussed specific improvements at both the fabric and the workload level that help to ensure that customers can keep their most mission critical applications and data as continuously available as possible.


PowerVM provides industrial-strength virtualisation technologies for AIX, IBM i and Linux operating systems (OS) on IBM Power Systems. PowerVM virtualises processor, memory, storage and input/output (I/O) resources for client’s virtual machines (VMs), enabling increased asset utilisation, enhanced infrastructure flexibility and reduced costs.


  • Deliver services with superb economics by consolidating virtualised workloads.
  • Deliver services built for the cloud faster by automating deployment of Virtual Machines (VMs) and storage.
  • Optimise utilisation of server and storage resources to control cost and boost Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Scale out or scale up your virtualised deployments without paying underlying performance penalties.
  • Eliminate scheduled downtime by deploying live mobility between servers.
  • Deliver higher quality services by improving virtual resource management.

IBM® PowerVM provides the industrial-strength virtualisation solution for IBM Power Systems servers that run IBM AIX, IBM i and Linux® workloads. Based on more than a decade of evolution and innovation, PowerVM represents the state of the art in enterprise virtualisation and is broadly deployed in production environments worldwide by most Power Systems owners.

The Power Systems family of scale-out and scale-up servers includes proven workload consolidation platforms that help clients control costs while improving overall performance, availability and energy efficiency. With these servers and PowerVM virtualisation solutions, an organisation can consolidate large numbers of applications and servers, fully virtualise its system resources and provide a more flexible, dynamic IT infrastructure. In other words, Power Systems with PowerVM deliver the benefits of virtualisation without limits.

PowerVM also offers a secure and resilient virtualisation environment, built on the advanced Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) features, extreme scalability and leadership performance of the Power Systems platform, based on the outstanding Power processors.

We have expert capabilities on this IBM product and support various systems with varying degrees of complexity.